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Current Renovations

CLV is extremely ambitious. This building is swarmed by workers each day, sometimes even on Sundays, as they carry out multiple, overlapping renovation projects.

After 13 years of repeated renovations before they took over, there wasn't much left that actually needed fixing. The hallways were redone less than a year before, the lobby was redecorated in 2019,the balconies were redone in 2013. So, the visible/common elements of the building were in good order.

The gentrification inside the apartments was nearing completion as most of the units had been redone at least once as they became vacant. There should be little reason to remodel them again.

While I'm sure there are some maintenance problems due to the age of the building, these should have been relatively minor. The furnaces are nearly new, having been replaced in 2014. The underground parking was redone in 2015 and the roof had been replaced in 2016.

With so much previous work and nothing much left to do, it is very difficult to understand why they immediately launched into a massive round of new renovations, more intense than any before. Clearly they have an agenda at work and this is almost certainly an AGI Playbook as we saw with previous landlords.

Renovation Scorecard

Here is a list of CLV's renovation projects. Where possible I've also included the dates when similar, previous work was done. Note that several of these projects are being done for the third and fourth time since this madness began and in a couple of cases they are redoing their own work.

Please note that this list might be incomplete as there is work going on in secured parts of the building that we are not being told about.

(Click coloured links to see documents. Updated frequently)
CLV Group 2021 -
2021-04-29 CLV takes control
Unknown Replaced fire alarm controller Complete
NumerousRemodelling of vacant apartments Ongoing Continuous since 2008
2021-06-16 Upgrading lighting in underground parking Complete 2015
2021-07-23 Balcony reconstruction
Replacing brickwork on exterior walls
Removing air conditioner housings
Power Washing
Exterior painting
Complete 2000, 2010, 2012
2021-08-05 Lobby Construction (8th floor)
Replace floor, wall tiles and trim
Upgrade light fixtures
Upgrade 3 common area doors
Complete 2019
2021-08-10 Stairwell painting Complete 1998, 2008, 2012, 2017
2021-09-08 Sanding and staining door thresholds Complete
2021-09-22 Replacing smoke alarms Complete
2021-09-30 New apartment key distribution Complete
2021-10-15 Replacing apt. door knobs
Replacing apt. door locks
Replacing mail slot covers
Replacing peek holes
2021-11-04 Renovated community room opened Complete
2021-11-05 Elevator Modernization NoticeOngoing 2009
2021-11-16 Demolish and rebuild elevator landings
- Replace floor tile
- Replace wall panels
- Paint Elevator doors
- Install decorative trim
Complete 1998, 2008, 2012, 2019
2021-11-17 Replace entrance canopy roof Complete
2021-11-23 Replace booster pump on parking sprinkler system Complete
2021-11-26 Removing garbage elevator and replacing cover Complete
2021-11-26 Renovating elevator landing at basement parking level Complete
2021-12-16 Painting the floor in the basement hallway Complete
2022-01-21 Entrance canopy reconstruction Complete 2008, 2012
2022-02-07 Lobby demolition and reconstruction
- Replacing ceramic tiles
- Painting trim and walls
- New lighting
Complete 1998, 2008, 2012, 2019
2022-03-01 Painting apartment doors
- door frames
- threshold plates
- door trim
Complete 1998, 2008, 2012, 2020,
2021 (thresholds)
2022-03-16 Painting doors in underground parking (No Notice) Complete 2015
2022-03-16 Replacing garage door (Underground parking)
Complete 2015
2022-03-18 Update on elevator modernizationOngoing
2022-03-28 Office glass door installation (in lobby) Complete
2022-04-05 Replace rear building door and frame Complete
2022-04-13 Replace selected toilets (30 units) Complete 2012
2022-04-14 Install Air Conditioning in lobby (No notice) Complete
2022-04-18 Disabled access controls at back lobby door
(No Notice)
2022-04-21 Replacing hallway lights, 9th floor
(No Notice)
Complete 2008, 2010, 2017
2022-04-27 Replacing basement exit doors Complete
2022-05-18 Demolition and renovation in apt 711 Complete
2022-06-10 Elevator modernization Ongoing
2022-06-21 Painting parking lines in garage and side lot Complete
2022-09-12 New canopy for rear lobby entrance Complete
2022-09-15 Ceilings and Plumbing near laundry room Complete
2022-09-28 Replace ceiling in the laundry room Complete
2022-10-23 Update on Elevator Modernization Ongoing

Last Update: 2022-11-21
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