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Renovation History

Picture this: You are finally getting a well deserved night of catch-up sleep and suddenly, at the crack of dawn, you are jolted wide awake by the deafening rattle of a jackhammer, right on your balcony and half a dozen workmen are clustered just inches outside your window. Definitely not fun.

When it's not the jackhammers and grinders on your balconies, it's workmen swarming the building with some other annoying power tool or a sledge hammer, making noise, blocking the hallways, raising huge clouds of dust and fumes; generally overwhelming your life.

Now imagine this has been going on for more than 14 years. The work goes on almost every working day and sometimes on weekends, with things being done and then redone as the building passed from one landlord to the next every couple of years.

You are living in a construction zone, with no end in sight.

That is the daily reality of life at 165 Ontario Street, since the original owners sold the building to TransGlobe in 2007. Day in and day out we have workers swarmed all over this building doing everything from balcony rebuilds to painting hallways to changing locks to redoing the interiors of vacant apartments, always on the promise of a better place to live.

A promise that, so far, none of them has even gotten close to keeping.

Renovation Scorecard

Here is a bingo card of the renovations done by previous landlords. Links to supporting documents are provided where possible.

To see the work being done by our current landlord please visit the Current Renovations page in the CLV section.

A&L Investments 1965 - 2007
1998-1999 Stairwells and hallways were re-plastered
All common areas were painted
Hallway carpets were replaced
The lobby was redecorated
The roof was repaired
Underground parking repaired and resurfaced
The boiler type furnace was replaced
2000 Balcony refurbishment (Tenant Initiated)
-The edges of all balcony slabs were cut back
-The edges were reformed with new concrete
-Some of the balcony guards were repaired
-The balcony guards were primed and painted
TransGlobe Property Management 2007 - 2012
2008-2009 The lobby was gutted and redone
The hallways were painted
All hallway carpets were replaced
The stairwells were cleaned and painted
The Elevators were lined with stainless steel
Our toilets were replaced
The roof was replaced
Flow restrictors were installed on all taps
The lobby intercom was replaced
The building's sign was changed
2008-2012 Renovation of vacant units
- Apartment floors were sanded and varnished
- Kitchen counters were replaced
- New appliances were installed
- Bathroom cabinets and counters were replaced
- Bath tubs and showers were upgraded
- Walls were repaired and painted
Few Units
2009 Front sheer wall repairs
- Rows of bricks removed
- Steel wall retainers replaced
- Rows of new bricks installed
2010-05-07 Balcony refurbishment
- The edges of all balcony slabs were cut back
- The edges were reformed with new concrete
- Some balcony guards got minor repairs
- The balcony guards were primed and painted
Starlight Investments 2012 - 2016
2012 Our toilets were replaced
Flow restrictors were installed on taps
2012 - 2013 The parking lot fire system was upgraded
New anchors for swing stages were installed
Building exterior and balcony repair
- The balcony slabs were cut back and reformed
- The balcony railings were replaced
- The entire building exterior was painted
Common area painting
- The hallways were painted
- The stairwells were painted
- Hallway carpets were replaced
- The lobby was painted and redecorated
Repairs were done to the garage entrance
Retaining walls were painted
Parking lot drains were repaired
The building's sign was changed
2012 - 2015 Remodelling vacant apartments
- Appliances were replaced
- Apartment floors were redone
- Counters and sinks were changed
- Bathrooms were redecorated
- Kitchens were redecorated
Many Units
2014 New domestic furnaces installed
New hot water boilers installed
2015 Parking garage refurbishment AGI
Northview Apartment REIT 2016-2020
2016-04-01 Northview takes ownership
2016-08-01 The building roof was replaced
The lobby intercom was replaced
2016-2020 Remodelling vacant apartments
- Entire walls were removed from kitchens
- Kitchen islands were installed
- Kitchen cabinets were replaced
- Kitchen countertops were replaced
- Refrigerators and stoves were replaced
- Dishwashers were installed
- Bathroom counter tops were replaced
- Bathroom cabinets were replaced
- Tubs and showers were refurbished
- Kitchen and bathroom floors were tiled
- Closet doors were replaced
- Wood floors were replaced with vinyl planking
- Roller blinds were installed on windows
Most Units
2017-2020 Common area remodelling
- The lobby was redecorated
- The lobby doors were replaced
- Wainscoting was added in the halls and lobby
- The hallway carpets were replaced
- The hallways and lobby were painted
- Apartment doors were painted
Starlight Investments 2020 - 2021
Building resold immediatelyComplete
CLV Group 2021 -
2021-04-29 CLV takes control

It Takes Its Toll

Any sensible person would be horrified at this long list of repeated renovations.

But, it's not even close to being over. If current indicators are any measure, it might be like this for another 8 months to a year. CLV group, the current landlord, has been very busy and has big projects scheduled well into the Fall of 2022 and at the rate they're hatching new ideas it could go on for much longer than that.

I've been here through the whole thing and I sometimes find myself dreading the next day. People are fed up with it. Tempers are short. Some are anxious and some are depressed. The one-time community of neighbours that we enjoyed is all but gone. We've become a building of strangers. The only thing we talk about anymore, is this endless noise, dust and intrusion. It clearly does wear on people.

Last Update: 2022-09-29
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