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The 165 Ontario Story

Most people reading that list will probably think "Wow, that building must have been in terrible condition." But, having lived here for 38 years, I can tell you it was not and never has been.

As you read through each section of this website, you will be taken along a path of discovery that will show you one of the prime drivers of the rental housing crisis Ontario is currently suffering.

You will be given details about the building history and our latest landlord. Then, once familiar with the background information, you will see how landlords all across Ontario are circumventing rent controls by abusing Above Guideline Increases (AGIs) to jack up rents. Then, finally, you will learn how to fight back against it.

"The 165" is just one example from many across the province. Much to my dismay, this building is where repetition makes the issue obvious.


Every step on the path is backed by documents and references. Wherever you see underlined blue text, clicking on it will open a new tab in your browser to show you proof or additional information.

To make navigation easier, I've included a page-top menu that will let you move randomly around the site to check and double check things as you read. In most browsers, right clicking any link in this menu will allow you to open the document in a new tab so you can even do side by side comparisons when you feel the need. You will also find read-through links on the bottom of each page to help you read the whole site in order.

To make referring and linking to this website easier, the following URLs are available:

Home page: https://dbpages.ca
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Current landlord: https://dbpages.ca/clv
Incident reports: https://dbpages.ca/incident
AGI information: https://dbpages.ca/agis
Help for tenants: https://dbpages.ca/tenants

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Last Update: 2022-10-03
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